Let Your Room Show Your Personality

There are many ways for you to bring various aspects of your personality into a room. One of the easiest ideas is to choose accessories that directly relate to your personality. Table top decor or a collection of books can display your love for nature, animals, sports or numerous other interests.

Wall art or wall quotes are inexpensive ways to add a personal touch to a room. Framed photos can reveal your love of travel or Read more… »

How To Add Space In Small Areas

Whether you live in a small house or an apartment, you might not have a lot of room to store things. The lack of space in your home can be easily resolved with a few items. Instead of adding space horizontally, add space vertically. Shelving and cabinets are great to add to any room. Organize your kitchen cabinets so that all of the canned goods are together and the boxed goods are together. When you reach the living room, add shelves on the walls so that you can place decorations and personal items in the room without Read more… »

Kids Room Decor To Grow With

As kids grow, their tastes change quickly, and selecting decor that transitions with them can save money and time. From nurseries and toddler bedrooms to youth or teen spaces and beyond, a few simple decorating choices will retain both appeal and practicality for years to come. Starting with the background, wall paint, which is easy to change in many cases, should be rugged enough to withstand the abuse of active little ones. You may prefer brighter colors that can offset the purchase Read more… »

Christmas Decoration Tips for a Safe Holiday

When Christmas rolls around, we all know what that means. Yes, Santa and Yes, presents. However, Christmas also means something more – it means decorations. It’s believed that consumers in America spend more time and money decorating their homes for Christmas than any other holiday or function in this country.

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without fancy decorations and lights. You just need to make sure you do it right. Hundreds of homes each year are lost to fires and most of it is attributed to the decorations.

Home insurance services and sites like indianahomeinsurance.com have lots of information when it comes to insuring and protecting your home. However, if you’re looking for some Christmas decoration tips to help you safely through the holidays, we made a list:

- Don’t overload electrical outlets. It’s a costly mistake that can land you into some serious trouble.

- Don’t let your pets get too close to the decorations. Pet-related property damage and resulting home fires are common home insurance claims made during Christmas.

- Turn those lights off when it’s time for bed. Christmas lights can be mystifying and relaxing to watch, but they can also be disastrous if left on for too long. Don’t leave it up to chance. Turn them off.

Low Cost Gifts That Equal Big Reaction

Many people like the idea of giving gifts that don’t cost much money. There are several things that can be given to family and friends that say they love them without breaking the bank.
Picture frames are a great way to give someone a unique gift while spending little money on it. Find a picture frame at a yard sale, second hand store, or retail store and paint it a color that the recipient likes. Then, add a photo of their children or grandchildren. It can be a special picture of the person and the Read more… »

Learn To Decorate On A Budget

Decorating a space on a budget can be tricky. But there are some wonderful places to find quality merchandise to help you turn your house into a home without breaking the bank.

Don’t be afraid of consignment boutiques. More often than not, the selection at well maintained consignment boutiques is expansive and covers styles that will meet even the most discerning taste.

Online shopping can save you hundreds. Look for online deals on popular websites, but don’t forget to check out sales being held by households. Moving sales and seasonal sales held by individuals and households can be Read more… »

Warm and Inviting Colors For The Home

When creating the style, aura and personality of your home the most important feature is your color scheme. Coming up with warm and inviting colors for your home can be an overwhelming challenge, if you allow it.

First consider your favorite colors; if gray and light blue is out, all the better. What about burnt orange, mahogany, or even purple?
Before plunging in and painting your foyer purple and orange be sure to consider the lighting. If in a dark and somewhat-oppressive room, then perhaps that Read more… »

Nursery Decor That Is Soothing To Baby

When you have a baby you want to provide them with the very best. That means nursery decor that is practical, but soothing. Choosing light colors like pink, blue, green and yellow can set the tone for a mellow and calming atmosphere. Accent rugs which match the decor in your nursery add a nice touch and pull the room together. A mobile that hangs above the crib and plays soothing melodies is a wonderful addition to creating a peaceful nursery.

Purchasing a crib soother can prove

Perfect Gifts For Mommy To Be

Shopping for a mommy to be is exciting. There are so many gift options. You can purchase on the mother or buy something for the child. Shopping for a mommy to be is the time to get creative and select a memorable gift. It is an exciting time that deserves an amazing gift. Here are a few perfect gifts for mommy to be.

1. Free Day at the Spa
After the baby arrives, the mother is going to be in need of one day of relaxation and pampering.

2. Gift Card
A gift card is not